Terms Of Use

Company introduction ::

This website is powered by AMGS GRAPHIK LLP (INDIA).

Uses these terms to regulate usage, browsing and usage of users. And the information presented by websites run by AMGS GRAPHIK LLP ( Registration No. AAL-9115 ) is included in the services. Which includes the download and use of certain content.

Using any website indicates that the user has read and understood all the terms. And then it uses any website, and it adheres to these terms. The user who accepts. If the user does not accept the terms or any part of the current conditions, the user objected to any kind, then the user should not use any website.

AMGS GRAPHIK LLP Can modify the conditions at any time, and thus we recommend that the terms and conditions of the user be revisited on a regular basis. The beginning date for these terms refers to the latest update to these terms, which will be effective from the date of publication.

There are many services provided by websites that may be subject to specific terms or suggestions. The provision of relevant service should be accepted by the user before. These specific terms may be imposed by AMGS GRAPHIK LLP Or the third party will apply the conditions in addition to such specific conditions. And the conditions in case of conflict will be incomplete. Accordingly, the user must read and accept such specific terms before the provision of relevant service.

Similarly, the privacy policy will apply in relation to the collection and processing of personal information.

1. The service offered

The services offered by GOODPIK, can be accessed through the GOODPIK platform, many services and applications for the global service sector. Currently offered or which may be offered in the future. They are managed by websites including subdomains or sections.

        1. www.goodpik.com,  2. www.netresult.in

Any information related to a registered user in any website can be used by the website. And can use the services available in the rest of the websites. Which is given for free, which is determined based on personal charge or subscription. When a user registers a related service. Depending on the website, which is accessed by the user.

A. Services released by Goodpik:

               Vectors Pictures and Photos Images and Psds File and Vector Icons as well as videos etc. are released in Goodpik's website. Whose user can search from any scene. It can also search specific information related to this type of content. These services may be provided by Goodpik-owned content, by Goodpik, free of charge to third-party ownership materials and as a premium. Goodpik sponsored content is properly identified on search results. Content of Goodpik Content and Goodpik Collaborators will be later known collectively as "Goodpik Selection" and can be downloaded via the Goodpik website.

             This service can also offer a result of the search done by the user. Content provided by third parties free through the Internet ('Goodpik third party content'). In similarly offered services, users are allowed to upload, publish, and make Goodpik collaborative content available to other users as part of the Goodpik website. In order to upload content to the Goodpik website, this process will be followed in accordance with this and the process determined by AMGS GRAPHIK LLP. From time to time.

2. Official use of the website

The user is authorized to use only the Websites and their services in accordance with the terms and conditions of good faith. The user does not have to be used with caution for fraudulent purposes or for services. Similarly, users do not participate in any behaviors or procedures that may damage websites, third-party images, interests or rights, in particular, content of collaborative owners or third party sponsored content.

The user will not interfere in the business or service of the website, especially the user or person. The user does not agree to carry out any action that may harm, unavailable, overload, spoil or obstruct the normal use of the Website or Service, which may affect the security of the Website or Service, or may interfere in any way. With services provided by goodpik Restrictions on the use of robots, spiders or any other method, mobile application, program or instrument to access, copy or control any portion of the Website or any service, are against the general use of the Website or which violate goodpik. Without good authenticity, without pre-authorization, interest is prohibited to obtain or obtain the contents of the website using any method or system that is not explicitly authorized by goodpik or is not the usual method of accessing the website.

User is responsible for ensuring that the services meet the user's needs before using the services and there are all the necessary requirements, resources and software and any costs required for the use of the service.

The rights given to the user are personal under these terms and will not be assigned without any means, prior, express and written consent, either completely or partly, by any third party (including the affiliates or companies of the same group of companies) goodpik.

3. Registration

              To use specific services, the user should register, create a username and password and activate the account. For this, the user should provide a valid email address where the user will receive instructions related to the services. If the user is a legal entity or business, his or her username should have its full name or corporate name, and the person who registers on behalf of the legal entity or business has declared that it is appropriate to build a legal entity or business and that legal entity or business These terms will be bound by The user agrees to provide the mandatory information required for registration and acknowledges that such information is true, complete and up to date. The user is fully responsible for updating such information if the user provides false, outdated or incomplete information, or goodpik has reasons to suspect, goodpik reserves the right to suspend or cancel a user's account. The user should be safe and the account password should be kept confidential and should not be disclosed to third parties. The user should not allow other users to access the user's account through the use of the service or use another user's account to use the service. The user is responsible for all the operations undertaken by the user's account through any device. If a user suspects that another user is using their account then he / she should report it to goodpik immediately. goodpik can suspend or cancel a user's account if the user believes that the user has violated these terms. While providing services, goodpik Detectors can not publish or publish advertisements related to content, which is clearly accepted by the user.